TVB Actor, Lam King Ching, to Marry Girlfriend of 12 Years

TVB actor, Lam King Ching (林景程), who also works as a licensed physical therapist, married his non-celebrity girlfriend of 12 years on November 6. Due to the pandemic, the couple won’t be holding a wedding banquet. They will have a simple marriage certificate signing ceremony at a hotel.

While the couple have been together for 12 years, they broke up along the way and only got back together more than a 1 year ago. They discovered it was very comfortable getting along with each other and decided on each other as their life partner.

Lam King Ching has done mostly support roles in his career, but started getting noticed in recent years with more substantial roles in “Death By Zero” (殺手), “Al Cappuccino” (反黑路人甲), and “Hong Kong Love Stories” (香港愛情故事).

On the day of the signing ceremony, Lam King Ching said he will be inviting his manager and the cast of “The Hippocratic Crush (On Call 36小時)”. He explained, “This series is my first time filming a drama and also a turning point in my career. So it was during this series that I met this group of friends who have a very important place in my heart. At the most important moment in life, I definitely want them to be there for support.”

Credit:, Lam King Ching IG

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