Yang Yang and Yang Mi’s Interaction at the Harper’s BAZAAR Charity Night Warms the Internet

Harper’s BAZAAR Charity Night was held on November 13 with a star studded guest list all dressed to the nines. While it was a charity event, this was one of the most entertaining functions in Chinese entertainment for the last few months given the current landscape.

Aside from the hilarious “reunion of the exes” at the event, two days later, a video was circulating on Weibo showing Yang Yang (杨洋) taking a phone from his jacket pocket and giving it to Yang Mi (杨幂), who were seated next to each other at the same table. As Yang Mi was wearing gowns throughout the night, she had no pockets or a bag to hold her phone, which was why Yang Yang was holding her phone and seen giving it back to her.

This warm interaction left many fans praising Yang Yang for being a nuannan, considerate, sweet, kind, and more. Many fans were also asking for a future drama collaboration between Yang Yang and Yang Mi. However, Yang Yang and Yang Mi have actually worked together before in the 2010 series, “The Dream of Red Mansions” (红楼梦). This was actually Yang Yang’s first tv series.

Yang Yang and Yang Mi in “The Dream of Red Mansions”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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