Wan Qian’s Studio Clarifies Misunderstanding Over Video of Her Being Fed by Assistant

Chinese actress, Wan Qian (万茜), reached a new level of popularity after joining last year’s “Sisters Who Make Waves”. She has gained new fans and gets a lot of attention. On November 17, a video was revealed of Wan Qian at a filming location and someone feeding her. Netizens started debating about the clip and criticized Wan Qian of “needing to be fed by the assistant” and putting on airs.

On November 18, Wan Qian’s studio responded to the criticisms, saying, “Don’t create rumors, don’t believe the rumors, don’t spread the rumors. It’s my niece, not assistant.” The studio also posted Wan Qian’s clarification post, explaining, “When I was young, my aunt fed me. I’ve grown up now, so I feed my aunt. I saw really delicious desserts and I couldn’t wait so I immediately shared it with my aunt. I am not the assistant. I am the niece, okay?”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)