EVERGLOW’s Stylist Apologizes to Fashion Label After They Were Called Out by the Brand for Plagiarizing Custom-Made Corset for Jolin Tsai Used in “Pirate” MV

K-Pop group, EVERGLOW, made their comeback recently with the song, “Pirate”. However, a fashion brand, WINDOWSEN, called out EVERGLOW on December 2 for a corset that was worn by Wang Yiren in the “Pirate” MV. WINDOWSEN said that corset was a custom-made piece for Taiwanese artist, Jolin Tsai’s 2020 “UGLY BEAUTY” concert tour. They have posted the same message in Chinese and English on Weibo as well.

The stylist issued an apology through IG stories to WINDOWSEN and EVERGLOW for the trouble brought to them because of this incident. She explained that she wasn’t knowledgable about WINDOWSEN as a brand, which in turn led to her buying a plagiarized product.

Her statement also said, “I’ve never thought about damaging WINDOWSEN. After seeing WINDOWSEN’s clothing, I feel very disappointed in myself for buying a plagiarized product. During this process of preparing the outfits and filming the MV, YUEHUA KOREA and EVERGLOW were completely unaware of this incident. No one would have expected this.”

The stylist asked for WINDOWSEN’s forgiveness and said, “I wasn’t too knowledgable about the WINDOWSEN brand this time, which led to me buying a plagiarized product. I hope after both parties go through full communication can find the best resolution method. I beg for your forgiveness.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)