Jessica Kan and Boyfriend, Derek Mackesy, to Have Love Triangle with Lisa-Marie Tse in English Version of Sitcom, “Come Home Love”

Since Eric Tsang joined TVB as the General Manager of Content Operations, he has been trying to reinvigorate the tv station with new material and exciting content due to dropping views. It’s reported the company has allocated an 8 figure budget to develop original content for TVB Pearl, the station’s channel catered to English speaking viewers.

Back in November, TVB Pearl released a trailer of the original content they will be releasing. Aside from variety shows with English speaking TVB artists and a series with Wong Fu Productions, they are also releasing a sitcom called “Family First”, which is said to be the English version of “Come Home Love”.

It’s said to be based on family conflicts and the differences between Chinese and Western cultures. There will reportedly be a love triangle storyline between real life couple, Jessica Kan (簡淑兒) and pilot turned TVB artist, Derek Mackesy (麥大力), and Miss Hong Kong 2020 champion, Lisa-Marie Tse (謝嘉怡).

Jessica Kan previously grew up in NYC and has the most filming experience out of the trio. Lisa-Marie Tse and Derek Mackesy, who are both of mixed Asian heritage and struggle with Cantonese, have dabbled into acting.

When asked about working with her boyfriend, Derek Mackesy, Jessica Kan responded, “I grew up watching American sitcoms. I’ve always liked watching them. I’d be happy to try it out. We don’t oppose to working together, but portraying as a couple would make it seem like a reality show. It’s a bit weird. It’s better to play different characters like enemies for example. It seems to be funner. It’ll also be more comfortable for him to speak English. The biggest challenge for him is Chinese when he is going through the script. When facing the four letter idioms, he’ll ask me if there are other words to substitute it. I don’t have much preference with Chinese or English.”

Derek Mackesy and Jessica Kan

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