Fashion Blogger Apologizes to Lay Zhang for Accusing Him of “Harem Selection”, Unprofessional Behavior, and Being Ungrateful

While everyone was fixated on the Wang Leehom and Lee Jinglei divorce drama unravel, one fashion blogger decided to stir things up with Lay Zhang (张艺兴). On December 19, a fashion blogger by the name of Xu Fengli (徐峰立), made a post, saying, “Stop gossiping about Leehom. There’s another melon (gossip), a certain Z last name xiaoxianrou also has harem selection parties. It’s better to exercise restraint. Don’t be a bailianhua anymore. You still post a red background…”

Xu Fengli then mentions terminating a CK contract, switching from Huawei to Samsung, “When the contract is up, serve as a shield for CK. Going to a fashion event and you still need to fight for the billing order, shot a makeup look, and afterwards, gave it to your team to polish the skin for a grueling 3 months. You’re not worthy of your good upbringing! I regret that you guys are ungrateful, introduced countless fashion resources to you, you don’t know how to be grateful, little scoundrel!”

While Xu Fengli didn’t outright name the person, it’s quite obvious he was talking about Lay Zhang based on the hints like, “LIAN”, the Chinese word for the name of his song, “LIT”, CK underwear campaign, and switching from promoting for Huawei to Samsung in 2019, and last name starting with Z.

In a separate post, Xu Fengli recounted working with Lay Zhang for half a year and claims his team kept blocking them, offended the client, the only manager and staff member. He claims the involved party has evidence, but doesn’t want to release it unless they’re compelled to. He said he hopes Lay Zhang learns how to be modest and his team won’t be so arrogant.

At 1:35 in the morning on December 20, Lay Zhang’s studio posted the following, “What Xu Fengli posted today about selecting the harem, we’ve seen it. Starting from now, we’ll be waiting up until 10 in the morning today. If you can’t back it up with evidence, for the rest of your life, you’ll be paying off the damages while writing books on the side, telling even more people why starting rumors isn’t right.”

Around 6 something in the morning, Xu Fengli issued his apology, saying, “First off, I want to sincerely apologize to Mr. Zhang Yixing. Because of an incident with a friend yesterday, it led to a discussion about some of the old grievances working with Zhang Yixing’s former team around 2015 or so. Under irrational circumstances, I posted an inaccurate Weibo post. I would like to apologize to Mr. Zhang Yixing. If there are any offenses made, please bear with me. In the future, we will be strict with self-discipline and give back to society with better works.”

Lay Zhang’s studio responded to Xu Fengli’s apology, saying, “Already read. Regarding all the old grievances with the former team, if it’s true, it’ll be investigated to the end. Regarding the legal procedure for defamation, it will continue to progress. Don’t want to hold up everyone’s time. There will no longer be announcement on the follow up. Hope everyone in the future can be civilized and honest on the internet. Don’t start rumors, don’t spread rumors. Spend more time on your own life. Lastly, apologizing again for wasting everyone’s precious time.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)