TVB Actress, Sammi Cheung, Weds Wealthy Finance Whiz

TVB actress and Miss Hong Kong 2010 first runner up, Sammi Cheung (張秀文), tied the knot with her finance whiz fiancée, Billy Wong (王大權), on December 23. It’s reported Sammi Cheung’s husband makes over 10 million HKD in salary a year and is the cousin of the “Fur King” of Hong Kong, Awty Wong (王大業).

When Sammi Cheung announced she was getting married last month, she thanked Bob Lam (林盛斌) as he was their matchmaker. Sammi Cheung recounted back on Valentine’s Day last year, she was lying in bed in her pajamas and watching Youtube. She received a message from Bob Lam at 9pm asking her if she wanted to join his friends’ gathering from his church and another male friend that he wanted to introduce to her. Sammi Cheung explained she was in the middle of watching a variety show and it was a bit late and she didn’t have any make up on or brush her hair, so she told Bob Lam: “I don’t want to come out.” Bob Lam responded to her, “Watching Youtube won’t change your life. If you’re willing to come out tonight, it’ll definitely change your life!”

Sammi Cheung ended her post, saying, “As a result, under the voice of a bunch of friends singing church songs, I met my future husband, my other half for life. Thank you for your appearance. Thank you for y our love.

Special thanks to the gold matchmaker, Mr. Bob Lam.”

Credit: Sammi Cheung IG