EVERGLOW’s Wang Yiren Draws Backlash Among K-Netz for Not Doing Traditional Korean Bow

K-Pop group, EVERGLOW, held a fan meeting on January 2. Wang Yiren (王怡人) was trending on Korean and Chinese sites recently when a clip was circulating of her being the only member who didn’t do the traditional Korean bow. The other five members knelt down and bowed, while Wang Yiren stayed standing and did more of a Chinese style new year’s greeting by waving her fists.

Wang Yiren is the only Chinese member while everyone else is Korean in EVERGLOW. On January 4, many Chinese netizens praised Wang Yiren saying she didn’t forget she was Chinese. They left comments on Weibo saying, “Kneel to heaven, kneel to the earth, kneel to your parents.”, Gave Chinese people face in this event”, “Chinese people will do Chinese ceremonies, Korean people will do Korean ceremonies. There is no conflict. How is it disrespectful?”, “Being Chinese carved in her soul. Too awesome, Wang Yiren!”.

However, on January 7, the topic was reported by the Korean media and gained traction. Korean netizens left comments saying, “Why promote in Korea? Get the hell out.”, “Chinese people come to our countries and steal our things and return to China…Entertainment companies don’t choose Chinese people anymore.”, “Don’t earn Korean people’s money. Go back to your country.”, and more.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

6 thoughts on “EVERGLOW’s Wang Yiren Draws Backlash Among K-Netz for Not Doing Traditional Korean Bow

  1. This is why Kpop need to stop allowing non Koreans into their groups, Many different types of Asians USE KPOP to gain International Notoriety and Popularity on the World Stage. She needs kpop, Kpop dont need her.

    1. You obviously have no idea about Chinese culture. 90 degree bow is very serious. It’s reserved for serious apologies, paying respect for the dead or traditional Chinese style marriage ceremony. Is she suppose to treat a fan meeting on the same level as paying respect for the dead?

  2. I have no idea she is, but why is this poor girl getting hate for something so trivial? Does something like this warrant xenophobic comments like “go back to your country”? I don’t understand why people get outraged to the extreme nowadays.

    1. Getting on your knees is a big deal in China. If the tables actually turned and a Korean did that in china, it would be like they were worshiping them or something. There would be no hate from China, people would think it was OTT maybe.

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