Joey Thye Emphasizes There was No Tongue Kissing with Karl Ting in “Freedom Memories”

Singer and actress, Joey Thye (戴祖儀), was at the blessing ceremony for her new series, “Return, Dawn” (lit. 回歸, 曙光), where she plays a programmer. Joey Thye made headline for her other series, “Freedom Memories” (青春不要臉), which just ended airing on February 5. In the February 3rd episode, Joey Thye had a very extreme kissing and bed scene with Karl Ting (丁子朗), which triggered a huge reaction from the public.

Joey Thye expressed, “The response was so big this time that I didn’t even dare to post about it. I received a lot of messages while working yesterday. Luckily, I was still working so I wasn’t home to watch it with my parents.” Joey Thye also emphasized Karl Ting didn’t stick his tongue into her mouth: “That scene was about him crashing into my mouth and it bleeding.” Joey Thye explained filming was so tight that there was no time for them to feel awkward.

Credit:, Karl Ting IG