Dew of “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” Joins Weibo

“Meteor Garden or “Boys Over Flowers” is the gift that keeps on giving. Thailand was the latest country to adapt the popular Japanese manga that has spanned several successful adaptations throughout Asia. Thai actor, Dew, who portrays “Renrawin Aira”, the Thai version of “Rui Hanazawa/Hua Zelei”, has captured the hearts of many fans and enjoyed immense popularity since the show aired. Dew has been particularly popular with Chinese fans after trending high on Weibo recently.

On March 8, Dew responded to his Chinese popularity by joining Weibo. His second post with the caption, “Hello”, already earned over 45,000 comments and 233,000 likes. On his first day joining Weibo, he already had 290,000 followers. As of writing of this article, he already has 386,000 followers. Dew also trended at #2 with over 2 million mentions on the entertainment charts on Weibo after opening his account.

Dew looks to be active on Weibo as he already has 4 posts.

Credit: Weibo (1), Dew IG

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