Dickson Yu Announced Departure from TVB After 8 Years

TVB actor, Dickson Yu (余德丞), revealed he has departed from the company after 8 years. Dickson Yu made the announcement through a video on his Youtube channel on May 1. He explained his decision to leave didn’t have anything to do with his health issues. Dickson Yu explained he contemplated it for a long time before deciding to leave TVB.

While Dickson Yu said he doesn’t have any representative works, he said he has tried everything from commentating on the Olympics, sports, and doing travel and variety shows. Dickson Yu was most known for his 2018 health scare when he went into a coma due to a heart issue while playing soccer. Because of this incident, his family also got dragged into news reports. Dickson Yu revealed at the time someone came out to say his mother went to beg them to “light a fire” to help prolong his life for free. However, they didn’t know that person nor the people they know went to inquire with that person.

At the time, Dickson Yu wanted to speak up, but he said TVB told him the best response was not to respond. In the end, they told him to say, “Thank you for your concern. I have no comment.” Dickson Yu didn’t understand why they had to do that and said this response made people speculate even more and prolonged the situation. He also said that whenever people think about him, they’ll think of this situation. Dickson Yu also said he doesn’t care about himself, but they don’t want people hurting his mom and says that people only think he’s alive nowadays because of the rumors his mom went to light a fire for him.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Dickson Yu IG

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