Chingmy Yau’s Daughter, Ayla Shum Yuet, Denies Rumors She is Debuting in Korea

Former Hong Kong actress, Chingmy Yau’s daughter, Ayla Shum Yuet (沈月), has been making a name for herself in recent years. There have been rumors that Ayla Shum Yuet might be debuting in Korea when she flew there in February and attended a few events. The rumors were spurred on when she posted pictures of her hanging out with Super Junior member, Kim Heechul.

It was being rumored Shum Yuet had signed with a Korean management company and was going to use her English name, Ayla, to debut in Korea to avoid clashing names with Chinese actress, Shen Yue (沈月). However, Ayla, who recently returned to Hong Kong from Korea, denied the rumors.

In her first mainland Chinese magazine cover, Ayla Shum Yuet told the magazine that she isn’t a trainee nor will she be preparing to become one. Ayla explained, “I still need to work hard on my studies, do some modeling, do some homework, paint once in a while, try out cooking, enjoy the current time being my dad and mom’s precious daughter, and be Shum Chen’s older sister. I hope to continue sharing the bits and pieces of my life with everyone. Please provide guidance!”

Credit: hk01, Ayla IG

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