Zhang Linghe Delivers on Promise to Jump in Pool for “Love Between Fairy and Devil” Reaching 9,000 Popularity Points on iQIYI

iQIYI’s new series, “Love Between Fairy and Devil” (苍兰诀), has been a hit with the audience since it’s premiere on August 7. The production team has also done a good job promoting the series with the cast. On August 10, the main cast members, Dylan Wang, Esther Yu, Zhang Linghe, Xu Haiqiao, Guo Xiaoting, and more had a livestream. During the stream, the cast agreed that if the popularity index reached 9,000 points, Zhang Linghe would jump into the pool, Dylan Wang would dance to Esther Yu’s “GWALLA” at 9,500 points, and Esther Yu would rap with her face doodled at 10,000 points.

On August 11, the series already surpassed 9,000 points on iQIYI’s popularity index. The main cast members all tagged Zhang Linghe (张凌赫) reminding him to do the challenge.

On August 13, Zhang Linge delivered on his promise and uploaded a clip of him jumping into the pool topless.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)