Gillian Chung’s Ex-Husband, Michael Lai, is Now a Father

Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) ex-husband, Michael Lai (賴弘國), is now a father. On August 12, the Taiwanese doctor announced on Instagram his wife, Alice, had given birth to a son. He wrote, “Dear baby Lai, welcome to the family! Thank you to my wife who was brave and suffered and accompanied me into this new stage in life. Little baby Lai needs to grow up fast and must listen to mommy’s words.” In the hashtags, he wrote, “babyboy”.

Michael Lai was previously married twice; his first wife was a flight attendant Ivy and his second wife was Gillian Chung. Back in February, Michael Lai revealed he had proposed to Alice during the Lunar New Year and was expecting a baby to be born around August 17.

Michael Lai’s wife in white dress

Credit: ETtoday, Michael Lai IG