G.E.M Rubs Nose on Livestream to Debunk Plastic Surgery Rumors

G.E.M (鄧紫棋) has been promoting her new album, “Revelation”. Her featured her stylist boyfriend, Mark Ngai, was featured in one her new MV’s, “HELL”, debunking their break up rumors. She recently had a livestream and interacted with fans and even responded to plastic surgery rumors.

As she’s still promoting her new album, G.E.M. styled her hair similar to what she did in the “HELL” music video. Because of her short hair, someone commented, “Is it really Deng Ziqi?”. G.E.M. immediately sang her new song and said, “You tell me if I am real!” However, one person left a comment saying, “Did you do your nose?”. G.E.M. responded by pinching and rubbing her nose roughly and said, “What work did I do? I never got work done on my nose before. I’ve never done any part of my face before, okay?!”.

Afterwards, G.E.M. responded, “I reasonably suspect you are only giving me a chance to tell you, so I have no sentiment towards you.”

Credit: hk.on.cc, Weibo (1, 2)

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  1. lmaooo as if touching it and wiggling it around means u didn’t get surgery. I got mine done and I can do that too xD

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