Dylan Wang’s Studio Takes Legal Action Against Rumors He is Engaged and That His Staff Member is His Girlfriend

Dylan Wang (王鹤棣) has been constantly trending everyday with multiple hashtags because of “Love Between Fairy and Devil” (苍兰诀). Netizens have been particularly focused on his rumored non-industry girlfriend that he has been dating since college. Dylan Wang trended a few days ago when netizens said his girlfriend was by his side at the airport. However, his staff member had debunked it and explained that woman was Dylan Wang’s staff member hired in February to handle his promotional and administrative tasks.

Dylan Wang and his staff member

Despite the clarification, the rumors only intensified. On August 24, netizens were finding pictures of Dylan Wang and his rumored girlfriend wearing matching couple necklaces. This somehow led to rumors that Dylan Wang and his girlfriend were already engaged and that he wants to reveal their relationship, but his company won’t let him. This led to the hashtag, “Wang Hedi engaged” to trend at number one. Netizens also insist that the staff member at the airport is Dylan Wang’s girlfriend.

As a result, Dylan Wang’s studio issued a legal statement on August 25 saying the false rumors have intensified even after staff members have constantly clarified them. They have decided to take legal action against the rumor starters that have fabricated extremely false comments and spread them to the public that have defamed and infringed on Dylan Wang’s rights. They have named specific accounts that contained the defamatory statements and have demanded them to delete the posts and stop spreading the false rumors.

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11 thoughts on “Dylan Wang’s Studio Takes Legal Action Against Rumors He is Engaged and That His Staff Member is His Girlfriend

  1. Dylan should denied if he does not hv gf from college days as of Aug 2022. At least rumour will go away.

  2. LMAO.

    OK. I feel like sometimes we give young men like WHD both too much and not enough credit. lol. He has the instinct of a normal 23-25 year old male. The kid clearly sees feminine beauty and tenderness and can be sweet and quite the charming “ruffian”. However, I’m not sure he always sees the girls around him as “women” LOL. But rather, “that’s my buddy'” is his attitude most of the time.

    He’s childish and kind of petty, but he’s also principled and fair. If he has a gf, then their relationship must be as solid as high quality gold lol. But he really seems like he doesn’t, and frankly is unbothered. He’s not quite fully grown or mature, so I feel some of those troublemakers need to give him space. Just let kids live, please.

    1. Yeah he’s still too immature right now on an emotional level to be in a relationship. But overtime, I’m sure that will change. Anyone who thinks he has one right now is delusional lol.

      1. Well, even middle schoolers date one another lol. So I think it’s less about maturity. People are complex, esp some actors and actresses and their motivations for BTS shots. I’m just saying it’s fine either way, whether he’s dating or not, because we can’t really know. We only seem to be able to glean that he probably belongs to the camp of young people that make friends across sex/gender. That’s what makes him likable to me.

        1. I do believe that he dates which is totally normal and I encourage since he is young, hot and obviously loves women. But a steady more than 6 years and counting long term GF since he was 18-19?? Naaahhh…..haha

          Some fans argued that since he had never denied it than it’s meant a YES. But he never denied dating rumour with SY too. So which and which then?? hahaha

          1. I do agree that it’s unlikely that it’s a steady gf. Mainly because young people grow and change. Also, when you’re young, you should date as many people as possible!! LOL. I really hope he’s dating! Even if casually. The idea that one stays with their childhood sweetheart is beautiful but limiting.

  3. Frankly with the way he behaved around Yu Shuxin, you can tell he doesn’t have a GF lol. He’s too macho, and behaves too much like a single, witless straight male LOL.

    1. I have to agree with you…LOL. No taken man will behaved that carefree round opposite sex like DD…Beside if he is really going steady with a girl Yu Shuxin or any girl will behaved themselves too. It’s works both way.

      1. It’s not just the carefreeness lol. He is also very…um, dull, about stuff like flirting and has very little idea about how to make women happy lol…like your typical witless straight male LOL.

        If you watched his interviews with You Shuxin, he managed to piss her off, not once but a couple of times lol. He was literally spouting whatever came to mind, and kept calling her a friend. At the least the “friend” title I thought was him trying to make it clear of their relationship, but as it turns out, he is not only just a friend, he’s also a witless male. And if you’re THAT clueless, you can’t be in a relationship hahaha.

        1. But in Keep Running (Rose Edition) he did knows a thing or 2 about women if compared to Cai XuKun. It’s obvious not a full pledged matured man (compared to the younger WuLei)but he has the basic knowledge on how to be a BF. Talking about banter with Yu ShuXin, she is the only girl/co star whom he managed to pissed off so much and have a soft spot for though at the same time. He is childish and witless but with other girls he is quite okay.

          1. But those clips in Keep Running are edited, whereas interviews with Yu Shuxin are live lol.

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