Dilraba Says “Legend of Anle” Co-Star, Simon Gong Jun, Gets Shy Easily

Dilraba (迪丽热巴) recently did a photoshoot for the September 2022 cover of MiniBAZAAR magazine. The magazine interviewed Dilraba about her upcoming series, “Legend of AnLe” (安乐传), with Simon Gong Jun (龚俊). On her character, “Ren Anle”, Dilraba describes her as a happy and carefree female bandit with her own motives and isn’t afraid of holding back with what she says. She explained Gong Jun’s character, “Han Ye”, is a prince that is very shy and well-mannered, so “Ren Anle” is always teasing him and touching him.

When asked about her first impression working with Gong Jun, Dilraba said, “My first impression is that he is very polite. He looks like he gets shy easily. When it comes to acting, he has his own perception and persistent standpoint. However, when it comes to acting together, we can discuss it together. There are times when he’s quite gullible, whatever you say, he’ll believe it. Overall, it’s quite happy working together.”

As for something very memorable from filming, Dilraba expressed that her character is quite different from her real life personality. She said she is more like the prince from “Legend of Anle” as she won’t take the initiative to express her viewpoints and won’t directly express her needs or demands. So there are times when her character is very different from her real life personality that creates an unexpected result. When she has a sudden idea to act out something, Dilraba says, “Gong Jun’s reaction is very authentic and because he is very shy and his character is also very shy, it becomes very fun.”

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