Director of “Falling Into You” Apologizes for the Overuse of Filters in the Drama, Jin Chen and Youku Show Support for Director

YOUKU’s latest drama, “Falling Into You” (炽道), premiered on September 29. It’s a youth sports drama with starring Jin Chen (金晨) and Wang Anyu (王安宇). In the first week of the drama, netizens complained about the overuse of filters in the drama. They said the filters were ugly and the actors looked like they had their own soft light. Some said the actors looked like they were in a bathhouse because it was so misty. They also said the extra filters photoshopped away all the textures from the actors’ faces and makes it look unrealistic.

The director of the series, Yi Zheng, who was also the director for recent hit, “Love Between Fairy and Devil”, responded to the filter controversy on October 3. He wrote, “Sorry for the filter issue. It’s my responsibility. Don’t blame YOUKU. It’s my problem. I will reflect well on it.”

Jin Chen showed support for Yi Zheng. She reposted Yi Zheng’s post and said, “Director’s aesthetic is very good. I like it very much.”

Youku reposted Jin Chen’s post and said, “YOUKU also likes it very much.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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