Carol “DoDo” Cheng Leaves TVB After 44 Years

After 44 years with the company, Carol “DoDo” Cheng (鄭裕玲) is leaving TVB. On October 20, there were rumors that DoDo Cheng’s contract had already expired last month and that she wasn’t renewing it. DoDo Cheng acknowledged her partnership with TVB has ended in 44 years on her radio show on October 21.

DoDo Cheng said, “It’s just the contract ended and not being renewed. It was just a small matter, but I did serve for 44 years. To avoid any misunderstandings, I will talk about it once. In the three years of this pandemic, everyone’s attitude has changed. Since the pandemic, it feels like a lot of things were planned out, but it might not be that way. I have some things I want to do, but due to contract, I couldn’t do it. It would be such a pity. I feel that I was with TVB for so long, even though they treat me very well, but there are still obligations to be carried out when signing a contract. I really want to try what it’s like being a free agent. It’s not that there were unhappy things with someone or something bad happened. Everyone was happy when I explained it to the company. They respect me a lot. They asked me a few times. There was absolutely no hard feelings. If there are suitable shows looking for me in the future, I would still serve them.”

In addition, DoDo Cheng said she won’t rule anything out as she wants to try new things, but she won’t be signing long contracts anymore. Carol Cheng said the idea to leave had been brewing for some time and she had struggled a bit to make the decision.

Carol “DoDo” Cheng joined the artist training class at the now defunct tv station, Commercial Station, in 1975 until it shut down in 1978. She later joined TVB and became a top actress at the company.

Credit:, DoDo Cheng

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