Former Veteran TVB Actor, Yu Chi-ming, Passes Away at 78

Veteran T VB actor, Yu Chi-ming (余子明), has passed away at the age of 78 due to illness. The news was reported on November 10. The news was posted by Yu Chi-ming’s son on IG, where he said, “Dad, farewell.”

Earlier this year, Yu Chi-ming was in the hospital after suffering from a stroke, which led to a temporary paralysis of his left side. As a result, he needed to be in a wheelchair and be cared for by his family. At the end of October, Yu Chi-ming’s son had uploaded pictures of his father looking thinner. At the time, his son had said Yu Chi-ming’s health had deteriorated. As Yu Chi-ming had a lot of phlegm that couldn’t be dissolved, his son was worried it would lead to pneumonia so they rushed to the hospital for a check up.

Yu Chi-ming joined TVB in 1976 and was best known as “Big Eyes” in variety show, “Enjoy Yourself Tonight” and received recognition as “Jiang Ziya” in the 2001 TVB series, “Gods of Honor”. After over 40 years with TVB, Yu Chi-ming left the company in 2020. Yu Chi-ming explained he left due to TVB only offering him a one show per year contract with $6,800 HKD base salary. He felt disrespected by TVB and vented that during filming, half the time spent is waiting and there is no time to rest. Yu Chi-ming said he experienced sleeping less than 40 hours in 2 weeks. After leaving TVB, he signed a per series contract with ViuTV and participated in the series “940920”.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, two sons, and a daughter.

Credit: hk01, Yu Chi-ming IG

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