Malaysian Actress, Jacquelin Ch’ng, and Taiwanese Husband Divorce After 2 Years of Marriage

Malaysian actress, Jacquelin Ch’ng (莊鍶敏), got married to her Taiwanese husband, Brian, in a flash wedding back in March 2020. Due to the pandemic and each other’s respective careers, they had to live separately as a married couple. Jacquelin Ch’ng stayed in Hong Kong, while Brian returned to Taiwan to manage his business. At the time of their marriage, the couple said they were in a hurry to have kids.

However, on November 7, it was revealed they had already divorced over their living arrangements. In recent years, Jacquelin Ch’ng has been focusing on her career in China. Back in May, Jacquelin Ch’ng revealed Brian would fly to China in August to reunite with her. She said at the time, “I said to him (Brian), if you don’t come here to find me, the next step will be divorce. We’ll see in divorce!” It’s reported Brian had promised Jacquelin Ch’ng prior to marriage that he would immigrate to Hong Kong or mainland China to live with her. However, after marriage, Brian reportedly kept delaying the move and even suggested for Jacquelin Ch’ng to move to Taiwan.

It’s said the two have constantly argued about their living situation. The last time they saw each other was late last year as Brian never made it to see Jacquelin Ch’ng in August. It’s reported Brian recently said he wouldn’t leave his place of birth. Due to their differences and their living situation, the two decided to divorce.

Jacquelin Ch’ng spoke with Oriental Daily News and revealed she is currently going through the legal procedures of getting a divorce. She said, “We always argue about where we settle down. He previously agreed to come to Hong Kong, China to stay with me. In the end, he said he couldn’t let go of his businesses in Taiwan. This problem can’t be solved. Since we can’t force happiness, then we shouldn’t continue on. Better to divorce!”

When asked if there were any third parties in their marriage, Jacquelin Ch’ng said, “There weren’t any on my end. As for his side, I don’t know. Basically, there shouldn’t be any.” Jacquelin Ch’ng said she had tried to salvage her marriage, but claims Brian wouldn’t even talk with her. They couldn’t reach a consensus on their living arrangements. As for their finances, Jacquelin Ch’ng revealed they are both financially independent and she won’t be seeking for alimony and he won’t be asking to split her assets.

Credit:, Jacquelin Ch’ng IG

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