Elena Kong Didn’t Think She Would Win Best Actress Because She isn’t TVB’s “Own Daughter”

The TVB Anniversary Awards Show 2022 was aired live on January 8. This year’s dark horse belongs to the cast of “Get on a Flat” (下流上車族), which took home, “Best Drama Series”, “Best Actress in a Leading Role”, and “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”.

L to R: Yuki Law Yuk Kee, Elena Kong, Andrew Lam Mun Chung, and Rosita Kwok

The Best Actress award was presented by Michael Miu and Felix Wong to Elena Kong (江美儀) for “Get on a Flat”. When Elena Kong was announced as the winner, she was in tears. At the start of her speech, Elena Kong thanked TVB and said, “I thought I wouldn’t get this award because I am not TVB’s own daughter (exclusive contract).” Historically, TVB would only give the awards to their own contracted and managed artists.

Michael Miu and Felix Wong

TVB’s cameraperson immediately zooms into the TVB executives, Catherine Tsang, Eric Tsang, and Virginia Lok. Michael Miu then says, “It’s different nowadays. It’s very fair now. The executives are here.”

Elena Kong, who is 52 this year, debuted as a model in 1992. When she was a model, she filmed a commercial with Chow Yun-fat and music videos with Andy Lau and Leon Lai. Elena Kong joined ATV in 1997 and filmed her first series, “Forrest Cat” (肥貓正傳). After leaving ATV in 2009, she joined TVB and won “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” for “Triump in the Skies II (衝上雲霄II)”

Credit: TVB