2023 Miss Hong Kong Winners List

The Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2023 (2023香港小姐競選決賽) was held live on August 27. In true TVB fashion, the broadcast station chose to jump on the AI and “Barbie” bandwagon. AI was reportedly used to form questions for the Q&A session based on the contestants’ backgrounds. TVB also felt apt to use Aqua’s – “I’m a Barbie Girl” as one of the background sounds due to the movie’s popularity.

The winners list of the Miss Hong Kong 2023 competition:

Miss Hong Kong 2023 champion: #15 莊子璇 Hilary Chong

Miss Hong Kong 2023 first runner up and Miss Photogenic: #4 王怡然 Lynn Wang

Miss Hong Kong 2023 second runner up: #17 王敏慈 Lovelle Wang ​​​

The top 5:

#4 王怡然 Lynn Wang
#10 陳霈錤 Hera Chan
#15 莊子璇 Hilary Chong
#16 郭珮文 Juliana Kwok
#17 王敏慈 Lovelle Wang ​​​

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