George Hu and Annie Chen Ting-ni Have Already Registered Their Marriage in New York

Frequent on-screen partners, George Hu (胡宇威) and Annie Chen Ting-ni (陳庭妮), have been the public’s favorite celebrity couple that went from reel to real. George Hu and Annie Chen have been rumored to be dating ever since collaborating in the 2012, “Love, Now” (真愛趁現在). They went on to collaborate a second time in the 2013 series, “Love Around” (真愛黑白配).

Despite the constant rumors, the couple never admitted to dating each other. However, it was a known secret among the industry that the two were a couple. They finally announced their relationship in January 2022 after George Hu proposed to Annie Chen while they went on a hike.

Since being engaged in January 2022, there haven’t been any updates about the couple’s nuptials. On August 31, George Hu attended the press conference for his new variety show, “Night Market”, and personally revealed that he and Annie Chen have already registered their marriage in New York, where he is from originally.

George Hu revealed after he completed filming for the show, he flew to the US for a month and a half and registered his marriage his marriage with Annie Chen in July. They wedding was only attended by 4-5 people. After the ceremony, they returned home to eat. He explained that Taiwan was too booked and they weren’t able to find any venues so they haven’t registered their marriage there yet. After getting married, George Hu said he and Annie Chen would cook together. He described that feeling to be very romantic and that they would couple white wine while enjoying good food everyday.

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