Aaron Kwok Rumored to be a Dad Again

Aaron Kwok Rumored to be a Dad Again

Rumors are circulating that Aaron’s wife, Moka Fang, 31, is pregnant with her second child.  Aaron and Moka celebrated their daughter, Chantelle’s, first birthday yesterday.  Party goers witnessed Aaron telling guests it was 雙喜臨門* , hinting there was good news on the way.  

When asked about the rumors, Miriam Yeung, who is filming《麥路人》with Aaron, said she wasn’t sure as the crew doesn’t talk about each other’s private lives.  Nevertheless, Miriam gave her blessings in the event the rumors are true. 

Real Ting, Miriam’s husband, was at the birthday party and wasn’t sure either.  Real says Moka didn’t look pregnant as she was running around the party while carrying Chantelle.

Aaron’s manager hasn’t received any confirmation on the pregnancy rumors either.

Credit: hk.on.cc (1, 2), Miriam Yeung IG

*Directly translates to double happiness.  When used, it means there are two auspicious events happening at the same time.