Grace Wong Urged by Husband’s Family to Have Children

Grace Wong Urged by Husband's Family to Have Children

Grace Wong (王君馨) was in attendance at Nancy Sit’s show celebrating her sixty year career in showbiz.  When asked about BFF, Linda Chung’s new born baby, Grace said “Jared and Kelly look like twins, both born with a full head of hair; all thanks to Jeremy.”  Grace also praised Linda for going through a natural home birth.

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Grace went on further to say Linda has always urged the other “Amazing Esthers” (處女黨) to opt for a natural childbirth instead.  Fellow Amazing Esther, “Leanne (李亞男), will probably follow her steps, but I’m very scared of going through natural childbirth.  I’ll need someone to knock me out first.  It’ll be good if I can just wake up and have the baby born!”

When asked when we’ll hear good news from Grace, she responded, “I haven’t spent enough alone time with my husband.  I’m also really busy with work, so we’ll delay the baby making plans for now.  Because my husband comes from a big family, they urge us from time to time to have a few kids.

Hope to hear good news from Grace soon!

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