Veteran Actress Brigitte Lin Rumored to Be Divorcing Husband Over Third Party

Brigitte Lin Chin Hsia Michael Ying Divorce Rumors

Taiwanese veteran actress, Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia (林青霞), 63, married wealthy Hong Kong businessman, Michael Ying (邢李㷧), in 1994 at the height of her career.  She had two daughters with Michael Ying and helped raise Michael’s daughter, Claudine Ying, from his previous marriage.  While there have been rampant divorce rumors over the years, this time, Taiwanese tablod, Mirror Media reports, an A-list actress blabbed the two were divorced at a private gathering.  

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Mirror Media reports they got a tip that this popular A-list actress was at a private gathering and somehow got to talking about Brigitte.  She naturally reveals, “She is divorced already!  She got 2 billion HKD as part of the divorce settlement.”, shocking everyone there.  The source also says Brigitte couldn’t accept Michael’s infidelity and since their children are all grown up, she hopes to spend more time on herself and return to the single life.  

According to ETtoday, this A-list actress supposedly is highly regarded in the industry and has a lot of connections.  Adding on to the non-stop rumors of marital problems, a lot of people are buying into these claims.  However, the involved parties have not come out to comment on these rumors.  

First divorce rumors

The first time rumors of marital problems were going around started in 2006.  A female artist, who claims she got the news from Ying’s neighbor in the US, revealed Michael wanted a male heir to take over the family business one day, causing a rift in their marriage.  That same year, it was revealed Brigitte and her daughters moved out from their Kowloon Peak mansion to another mansion in Kowloon Tong, which led to the divorce rumors.  Those rumors were shot down when Brigitte moved back to the Kowloon Peak mansion the next year. 

Mistress and Son in Shanghai

It started in 2012 again when it was rumored Michael Ying wanted a son, and allegedly went to Shanghai to get a mistress.  A source also reveals he had been supporting this mistress for some time now and she allegedly even had a son with him.  She reveals that their divorce is not a secret.  When Hong Kong media asked her about these rumors, Brigitte didn’t respond until they kept pestering her, which she simply said, “Not true.”  

During Brigitte’s 60th birthday bash at the Peninsula Hotel, Brigitte and her family was there to celebrate, knocking down previous baseless rumors. Brigitte later went to her Weibo to express her thoughts.  “If you ask me what thoughts I have on turning 60, I will say satisfied.  I have so many good friends that care about me.  I have three great and wonderful daughters.  I have a great husband.  They quietly support me and tolerate me.  This year’s birthday, I gave everyone a book,《雲去雲來》, which I wrote myself.  This has a lot of meaning to me.  I hope to share what I see, what I ask, what I think, and what I want with everyone.”

Credit: Apple Daily,, Mirror Media

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  1. If it’s true then I hope she gets a good settlement. She gave up her career and took care of the children.

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