Crystal Fung Eyed by Condom Brand to Film Commercial, Crystal Fung: This Will Benefit Everyone

Crystal Fung 2019 TVB Sales Presentation Condom Commercial IG

The 2016 Miss Hong Kong winner, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), is known for being outspoken and direct with her views on sensitive topics.  She was a hot topic amongst netizens and the media recently for her “public restroom” comments when discussing women marrying into wealthy families.  At the 2019 TVB Sales Presentation, reporters brought up the recent news that a condom brand and a female supplement product, “chicken essence”, were looking for her to film commercials for them. 

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Crystal Fung, never one to give dull answers and refrain from answering honestly, gives a very satisfying response to the reporters.  She says, “These are all items I use.”, which garnered laughter from the reporters.  Crystal goes on further to explain, “I do drink female supplement products to replenish collagen and whatever’s good for women’s health.  As for safety precaution products, it’s worth advertising the importance of these products to the public and to teach them how they should be used.  We shouldn’t avoid talking about these topics.  It should be treated as a proper precaution and something that is normal and necessary.”

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When asked if she would accept the condom commercial, Crystal Fung frankly says, “It depends on the price.  If I do film it, my boyfriend would praise me for benefiting the public.”

Credit:, Crystal Fung IG

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