Fala Chen’s Ex-Husband, Daniel Suek, Already Knew She was Getting Married

Fala Chen's Ex-Husband, Daniel Suek, Already Knew She Was Getting Married

Just a day ago, Oriental Daily News exclusively reported former TVB actress, Fala Chen (陳法拉), would be getting married to her French boyfriend, Emmanuel Straschnov, on May 11th. However, she responded to the marriage reports with the following statement, “I just got off the airport. Thanks to everyone for their concerns. I am not getting married tomorrow. If there is good news in the future, I will be sure to share it with everyone.”

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Fala Chen has always been private about her relationships. She and Daniel Suek started dating in 2007 and secretly married with the marriage lasting until 2013. Her response makes it sound like yesterday’s news was just a mere rumor. However, her ex-husband, Daniel Suek (薛世恒), heir of the Neway Group empire, confirmed with Oriental Daily News that he already knew about her getting remarried. He claimed, “She did tell me. I do wish to see her happy and I am happy for her.” When asked if she told him this month, Daniel Suek replied, “Yes, around that time. She said she didn’t want me to find out through the papers. That’s why she told me.”

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On whether she is getting married on Saturday, Hong Kong time, he responded, “It’s around that time. I am not sure where she is getting married.” When reporters said Fala Chen really cares about his feelings, Daniel Suek said, “Yes, we would update each other on our situation.”

Daniel Suek also shares he doesn’t know Fala Chen’s boyfriend and won’t be attending the wedding either.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Daniel Suek IG, Fala Chen IG

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