Baron Chen Advertises Qualities He’s Looking for in a “Boyfriend”

Baron Chen Advertises Qualities He's Looking for in a "Boyfriend"

Taiwanese actor, Baron Chen (陳楚河), rose to popularity after starring in the idol drama, “Bromance” (愛上哥們). Baron Chen is pretty elusive and doesn’t really engage that much in social media. The last time he updated his official Facebook account was back in December. However, he posted two pictures of a woman on Facebook today and said he was “Currently looking for a boyfriend.”

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As it turns out, the woman is actually Baron Chen after using a filter from an app. He included a caption with the two pictures: “Currently looking for a boyfriend. My standards aren’t high. Monthly income 100,000, handsome, has a car and a house, just like everyone else.” Is Baron Chen talking about himself? He looks pretty either way.

Credit:, Baron Chen FB

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