Rocket Girls 101’s Yang Chaoyue, Lashes Out Against the People Harassing Her Father

Rocket Girls 101's, Yang Chaoyue, Lashes Out Against the People Harassing Her Father Weibo

Rocket Girls 101’s Yang Chaoyue (杨超越), shot to fame after debuting in third place in the Chinese version of “Produce 101” (创造101). However, the price she has to pay for fame is her freedom and privacy. According to a gossip blogger, a recent incident between her fans and another idol’s fans caused some friction. As a result, the other idol’s fans started harassing her father. Their behavior had crossed the line, leading Yang Chaoyue to lash out against those people in a Weibo post.

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In her post, she expressed, “Thank you everyone for your concerns about me, but my father is an ordinary person. Unrelated people please don’t intrude into my father’s lifestyle. He is an ordinary person. My home is not a tourist attraction either. Thank you for your help!” It is said Yang Chaoyue’s parents divorced when she was a child. Her father is a farmer and works the night shift as a steel factory worker.

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Seeing her fans responses, Yang Chaoyue responded to them and said, “I am currently discussing with the company on how to handle this matter. It was also during my debut where I had a few interviews and people misconstrued my meaning. It made my father feel guilty for some time. I can accept your curiosity towards me, but don’t be curious about my family. This incident has forced me to explain my feelings about the matter.”

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