Melvin Sia Wanted to Get Married at 20, Bullied for Growing Up in Single Family Household

Melvin Sia Wanted to Get Married at 20, Bullied for Growing Up in Single Family Household

Taiwanese based Malaysian actor, Melvin Sia (謝佳見), held his 40th birthday party with fans today. A male fan even proposed to him at the party. When talking about Taiwan passing the law to allow for same sex marriage, Melvin Sia said, “Getting married or not is not important. The most important thing is equality.” He also revealed he used to yearn to get married, “Because of my parents divorce, I wanted to make up for it.”

Melvin Sia’s First Home in Taiwan was the Size of His Bathroom in Malaysia

Due to his parents divorce, Melvin Sia was brought up by his grandmother. When he was 20 years old, he already had intentions of getting married, hoping to make up for the regrets he had about his family. He revealed he was bullied when he was a child for growing up in a single family household. Aside from children at school making fun of him, saying, “child without a mom,” his relatives children would also bully him. Melvin Sia revealed, “I was locked in a room. They used rubber bands to shoot at me. I had to dodge them.”

However, Melvin Sia reveals after growing up, they still keep in contact. He would meet up with them from time to time when he returned home to Malaysia. He said, “Maybe I don’t see it as such a big deal. I would be very sad when I was young, but this is a process, have to learn how to let go.”

Because of the abuse he endured, Melvin Sia states he especially likes to see his friends getting married and being happy. He was even a groomsman at a friend’s wedding in Shanghai recently. When reporters asked if his friend was handsome enough or else the limelight would be taken away by Melvin Sia, he responded, “He is handsome. He’s the lead. We tried to put the focus on him.”

Credit:, Melvin Sia IG

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