Melvin Sia’s First Home in Taiwan was the Size of His Bathroom in Malaysia

Melvin Sia's First Home in Taiwan was the Size of His Bathroom in Malaysia

Malaysian actor, Melvin Sia (謝佳見), has been developing his career in Taiwan since 2013. After 7 years, he finally got his permanent resident card in Taiwan. He currently rents a place in the Xinyi District, where Taipei 101 is located. He plans to buy property and homes in the future. Melvin Sia was already known to come from a wealthy family. His family back in Malaysia operates a supermarket chain and reportedly has a net worth over 10 billion TWD. However, Melvin Sia says, “That is my father, not me.”

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Even so, Melvin Sia isn’t so shabby himself. Through his own efforts, he bought a luxury flat in Kuala Lumpur. He also designed and built a 4-story villa in the suburbs and has one property that was gifted by his father. It’s no surprise that Melvin Sia did his own designs as he graduated with a degree in Architecture.

In 2016, Melvin Sia bought a piece of property in a suburban neighborhood in Malaysia. He drew out the blueprint and built the 4-story luxury villa from scratch. Melvin Sia takes pride that all four sides of his home look different. His mansion also overlooks a golf course and seems to have led to the development in the area. Melvin Sia says, “These past few years, if you go look nearby, there are houses starting to be built. I think the buildings are looking more and more similar to each other. It seems like they found the same contractor I used.”

Melvin Sia plans to buy property in Taiwan in the future. When he looks at properties, he pays the most attention to the closets and the bathrooms. He revealed, “When I first came to Taiwan, I lived in a 249 sq ft flat. It was the same size as my bathroom in Malaysia. I was really not used to it.” He also said, “I have to see whether my results are good. I want to buy an empty property and build my own home.”

Credit: ETtoday, Melvin Sia IG

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