2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Pregnant with Third Child

2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Pregnant with Third Child

Another former Miss Hong Kong has good news to share. The 2005 Miss Hong Kong winner, Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), announced she is pregnant with her third child today. The 37 year old mom got married in 2015 with husband, Raymond, and have two sons. In her post, she said: “We didn’t plan to have another one. Maybe it’s heaven thinking our home is not lively enough.” She also replied to netizens saying she tested it four times and couldn’t believe it.

2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Gives Birth to Third Child

Tracy Ip told Apple Daily HK, “I really didn’t plan on having a third one. After having my second child, we thought about it. But it’s been really tough taking care of my youngest son these past few years. So we already nixed the idea.” They don’t know the sex of the baby yet.

When asked about her husband’s reaction, she said, “After having the second baby, I said I wanted to have a third one, but my husband rejected the idea at the time. He said it will be very tough so he convinced me not to have another child. After confirming the pregnancy this time, I told him about it and oddly, he was very happy about it.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, hk.on.cc, Tracy Ip IG