2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Gives Birth to Third Child

2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Gives Birth to Third Child

Back in August 2019, 2005 Miss Hong Kong winer, Tracy Ip (葉翠翠), announced she was pregnant with her third child at 37 years old. Tracy Ip revealed she and her husband didn’t plan on having a third child and didn’t know the sex of the baby at the time. She already has two sons, Jake, and Triton.

2005 Miss Hong Kong, Tracy Ip, Pregnant with Third Child

Tracy Ip announced on her social media accounts today that she gave birth to her third child and son! In her post, she wrote, “Entering into another chapter in life again…Without any thought or preparation, he came into this world. He came 10 days earlier than expected and is already close to 9 lbs. If it was 10 days later, I believe it will be more than 9 lbs. The whole process was so quick…before hearing the crying sounds, I heard the doctor say, “Wow! So big!”. This whole pregnancy period is really full of mixed emotions. Whether it’s myself or the people around us encountering many twists and turns…wishing for peace and safety.”

Tracy Ip spoke to Oriental Daily News and expressed this pregnancy was more exhausting than the previous two. She revealed, “The doctor did say because I am older and taking care of two children, everything will be harder. Also, the labor pains were much more extreme than the previous pregnancies. He was supposed to be born next week, but the doctor said he wants to choose his own time.”

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She also expressed worries about giving birth a week earlier saying, “The doctor said it reached full term so I didn’t need to worry. The last time I went for a pre-natal check up was also a week ago. The doctor also said the baby was really big and heavy. Told me not to relax and not to worry. A week later, I gave birth. The doctor also said he’s really heavy, absolutely has no problems, so I am relatively relaxed.”

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