Who is Alex Mak, the Tatted Beefcake, in “12 Summers”?

Who is Alex Mak, the Tatted Beefcake, in "12 Summers"?

TVB’s new variety show, “12 Summers” (12個夏天), aired its latest episode yesterday with hosts, Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) and newcomers, Alex Mak (麥凱程), and Danny Hung (孔德賢). The trio went to Greece for their trip and challenged paragliding and flyboarding. However, when it came to the beach, Bowie Cheung was dressed conservatively and only showed her legs. When it came to showing skin, the tatted beefcake, Alex Mak, was not shy about baring it all.

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Who is Alex Mak, the Tatted Beefcake, in "12 Summers"?
L to R: Alex Mak, Danny Hung, Bowie Cheung

It turns out Alex Mak got his start as a contestant in the 2016 Mr. Hong Kong pageant. He finished in top 10 and later joined TVB. The 26 year old was actually born and raised in France, so his Cantonese is sub-par. He has primarily done hosting and filmed a few series as minor roles.

As for his romantic life, a tabloid magazine captured him last year with fellow TVB actress, Marine Lee (李綺雯), who is 9 years his senior, holding hands and her purse. At the time, he responded, “I don’t really want everyone to focus on my love life.”, seemingly afraid the news would impact his career. Alex Mak was also once rumored to be dating Linna Huynh (黃碧蓮), his co-host in, “Big Big Beauty” (今期流行).

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