Dickson Yu Asks Fans if They Would Support Him and Sisley Choi Dating

Dickson Yu Asks Fans if They Would Support Him and Sisley Choi Dating

TVB artist, Dickson Yu (余德丞), has been in the headlines lately for dating rumors circulating between him and actress, Chrissie Chau (周秀娜). Earlier this month, the two were spotted watching a movie together, which started the dating rumors. It turns out the two are neighbors. Dickson Yu later denied the rumors and said they are just friends. The rumors started to heat up again when they both posted a picture of them celebrating Dickson Yu’s birthday with another friend.

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However, Dickson Yu was at a recent function to visit his old school. He brought three fans with him to visit his old stomping grounds and kicked some ball. The fans were more interested in his love life and with one person asking him if he is dating now. He asked them which one of his rumored girlfriends they like. One person immediately responded, “Sisley Choi” (蔡思貝). Dickson Yu then asked someone else if they like Sisley Choi. She goes, “As long as you like her.” Dickson Yu then says, “My chemistry with Sisley Choi is pretty good, right? And we sing well together, right? If I announced I was dating her, would you guys stop supporting me?” One fan, said, “No, but I would be a little sad.” Dickson Yu then goes, “It’s okay. I haven’t announced it yet.” He catches what he just said and immediately corrects himself saying, “No, I meant, I don’t plan to announce it.”, digging a deeper hole for himself and then just says, “It’s not.”

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Last August, when he fainted suddenly and ended up in the ICU, Sisley Choi was the first one who rushed to visit him in the hospital. However, the two has always maintained they are just friends. Now that he has gotten his fans approval, does this mean Dickson Yu is just waiting to announce his relationship with Sisley Choi?

Credit: hk.on.cc, Sisley Choi IG

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