Thai Artist, Bie KPN, was Once a K-Pop Idol

Thai Artist, Bie KPN, was Once a K-Pop Idol

Thai actor and singer, Bie KPN, has been getting really popular in China in recent years. He works in China under the name, Xu Zhixian (徐志賢). He is part of a slew of Thai actors and actresses acting in Chinese dramas. The only difference between Bie KPN and the other Thai celebrities with a name in China is that he can speak Chinese. It turns out Bie KPN was born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese father and a Thai mother of Chinese descent. He moved with his family to Thailand when he was 14. Bie KPN later joined a Thai singing competition, “KPN Award” in 2011 and won first place, marking his debut as a singer.

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Even though he is only 28 years old this year, he has experienced a lot. In 2013, he debuted as a member of the K-Pop boy band, VICTOR with the song, “Mr. Right”. Not sure what happened to the group as not much information can be found online. There is no music video for their songs either.

This is an interview the group did in Thailand.

Then in January 2016, he announced he was getting married to his girlfriend, Thai actress, Gubgib Sumonthip. In June of that year, Gubgib Sumonthip, gave birth to their daughter, Paopao. Aside from being an actress, Gubgib Sumonthip is known for dating Thai heartthrob actor, Mario Maurer. Many netizens have wondered what she did in her previous life to deserve two hot men. Bie KPN and Gubgib Sumonthip often share pictures of their family on Instagram. Pao Pao is also a celebrity in her own right after her parents created a Youtube channel, uploading vlogs of their lifestyles.

With the popularity of Thai dramas in China, it made sense for Bie KPN to start developing his career there. Before landing the hot, domineering CEO role “Fang Leng” (方冷) in the series, “My Girlfriend is an Alien” (外星少女柴小七), he also starred in two Chinese series, “Love Won’t Wait” (如果, 愛) and “Cinderella Chef” (萌妻食神). After “My Girlfriend is an Alien” aired, many fans fell for Bie KPN’s on screen chemistry with the lead actress, Wan Peng (万鹏), who plays “Xiao Qi” (柴小七), an alien girl who lands on Earth. While the storyline is a bit silly, it’s still enjoyable because of “Xiao Qi’s” attraction to men and their hormones. She particularly finds “Fang Leng’s” smell to be extremely enticing and is always touching his chest or hugging him.

In addition to acting, he also sang one of the songs on the OST.

It’s unfortunate his voice was dubbed, but Tencent has released the episodes with English subs almost around the same time as it aired in China.

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