Hebe Chan Announces Departure from TVB

Hebe Chan Announces Departure from TVB

TVB actress, Hebe Chan (陳婉婷), announced her departure from the company on Instagram yesterday. The actress wrote, “In a flash of an eye, it has been 8 years already. I am grateful to the company for nurturing me all these years and giving me opportunities…I’m already grown up. Perhaps it’s time to leave this warm nest and go to an even bigger world, challenge myself, venture out, and try different types of developments. Thankful to everyone who has given me an opportunity. I will continue on with a humble heart and keep working hard in my acting career.”

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Her notable roles include the younger version of Maggie Shiu’s character in “My Life as Loan Shark” and the celebrity singer who had breast implants in “Big White Duel”.

The 30 year old actress entered the industry in 2011 through TVB’s “Cover Girl” competition. She graduated from the 25th TVB artist training program. She mostly covered supporting roles and was often portraying a servant girl. Because of her looks and frequency in portraying maids, she was once labeled “most beautiful maid”. In recent years, she started dabbling in becoming a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) and turning to Youtube.

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Hebe Chan IG