Hannah Quinlivan Once Thought about Breaking Up with Jay Chou

Hannah Quinlivan Once Thought about Breaking Up with Jay Chou

Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) married Jay Chou when she was only 20 and became a mother at 21. She and Jay Chou have two kids and have the perfect make up of a happy family. In a recent photoshoot with VOGUE in CUBA, she gets candid about growing up and her marriage to Jay Chou (周杰倫).

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In the interview, Hannah Quinlivan revealed that in the past, she would always want to cater to others. She expressed, “In the past, I would follow everyone’s thoughts. Even though I felt strange in my heart and didn’t feel too sure, due to the pressures of time and people, I would just follow along. If everyone felt it was better to do it one way, then let’s do it that way. But after looking at the result, I would feel regret. Why must we rush and then be responsible for something we didn’t want? If we can choose to take our time, then we wouldn’t rush that first step. Isn’t there a saying where mature people don’t have any regrets? Maybe I am not mature enough right now, but at least I am on the path of growing up!”

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Hannah Quinlivan also got candid about her thoughts on her marriage to Jay Chou. She revealed that her parents got divorced when she was young. As a result, she harbors feelings of insecurity and pessimism towards relationships. However, she also expressed gratitude towards Jay Chou saying, “But I am lucky my other half gave me so much love, allowing me not to feel uneasy.”

When talking about the most courageous thing in her life, she revealed, “It should be getting married so young! I married Jay with everyone’s doubts casted upon us. While we were dating, I once wanted to give up. But maybe because I am a bit impulsive or maybe treat love bigger than everything or perhaps I want to have a wonderful family, be with the person I love. So I said to myself, why not?”

Credit: UDN Stars, ETtoday, Hannah Quinlivan IG