Regina Ho Felt Awkward Sitting on Mat Yeung’s Lap while Filming “Airport Strikers”

Regina Ho Felt Awkward Sitting on Mat Yeung's Lap while Filming "Airport Strikers"

Regina Ho (何依婷) is starting to garner interest after her scenes aired in TVB’s “Airport Strikers” (機場特警). Regina Ho plays a beauty influencer in the series. When she first entered the industry, people thought she looked like Korean actress, Park Min-young.

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Park Min Young

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Because of this, there would be people who said she had a “typical plastic face”. However, looking at her pre-debut pictures, she looks the same.

Regina Ho back in 2016

The 2017 Miss Hong Kong first runner up plays a KOL who has dated Mat Yeung’s (楊明) character, “Easy”, for two years. In her initial appearance, she was already sitting on Mat Yeung’s lap. Regina Ho shared this was the second scene she filmed on the first day of filming. She felt awkward, but the director felt she wasn’t natural enough. He felt they couldn’t give the feeling of being a couple. Afterwards, the director told Regina Ho to sit on Mat Yeung’s lap. She just let it all go and did it like that.

At a promotional event for the series, Regina Ho said about the scene, “I was so concentrated I couldn’t breathe. I also didn’t have enough sleep. My emotions were really down. I felt I wasn’t doing well. We did rehearse beforehand. It wasn’t awkward. Mat Yeung didn’t add scenes either. We were originally supposed to sit on the sofa and recite our lines, but the director wouldn’t accept it. He told me to change into a tank top and shorts. He said this felt more suitable for the character.”

Credit:, hk01, Regina Ho IG

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