Ronald Cheng and Maggie Cheung Star in Male Version of TVB’s “Wonder Women” in New ViuTV Series, “Single Papa”

Ronald Cheng and Maggie Cheung Star in Male Version of TVB's "Wonder Women" in New ViuTV Series, "Single Papa"

Ronald Cheng (鄭中基) and Maggie Cheung (張可頤) attended the press conference for their new ViuTV series on May 8. It has been a long while since Ronald Cheng and Maggie Cheung have graced the TV screens, so it was a surprise when it was announced they would be starring in the new ViuTV series “Single Papa” (暖男爸爸). It is said to be the male version of TVB’s “Wonder Women”.

Ronald Cheng revealed he hasn’t filmed a series in over 20 years. He will be playing a single father taking care of his 5 year old son after his wife passes away. As for Maggie Cheung , she plays a top executive in the insurance industry. Even though she meets a lot of handsome men, she enjoys being single. However, she ends up falling for the slovenly character portrayed by Ronald Cheng.

When asked if he’s worried about the comparisons to his ex-girlfriend, Miriam Yeung’s character, he said, “I wouldn’t compare it because I totally didn’t watch it. So there is no comparison.” On whether he’s worried about offending TVB executives by filming a ViuTV series, Ronald Cheng said, “Not afraid! How many years has it been since I haven’t appeared on TVB? I haven’t appeared at TVB for a long time already.” Ronald Cheng also said he doesn’t watch the recent TVB series and prefers to watch the old ones more.

Maggie Cheung said this role was perfectly tailored for her. When asked if she values looks more or values looking for a soul mate when choosing a partner, she said when she was younger, she liked tall and muscular men. After maturing, she says she realizes what kind of person is really suitable for herself.

Filipina actress, Crisel Consunji, plays “Leah”, Ronald Cheng’s son’s teacher. She helps Ronald Cheng and his son navigate through the grief of losing their wife and mother respectively. Crisel Consunji made history being the first Filipina actress to be nominated and winning the Best Newcomer award at the 2019 Hong Kong Film Awards for her role in the Hong Kong film, “Still Human” (淪落人).

Credit: TOPick, hk01, Jamie Zhang IG

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