Gillian Chung and Michael Lai Announce Divorce

Gillian Chung and Michael Lai Announce Divorce

After less than two years of marriage, Gillian Chung (鐘欣潼) and her Taiwanese doctor husband, Michael Lai (賴弘國), announced on May 8 they have divorced. The couple held a wedding in Los Angeles in May 2018, while Twins had a concert in Las Vegas. The two weren’t officially married until December 2018. Even after getting married, Gillian Chung and Michael Lai still lived separately due to their careers. Their relationship was already met with pessimism when they first dated. After getting married, they were often plagued with rumors about marital discord and Michael Lai’s alleged partying and infidelity.

Gillian Chung was the One Who Proposed Marriage to Michael Lai

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They once revealed on a show that they had signed a pre-nuptial agreement and agreed their finances would be separate. Michael Lai made a long post announcing their divorce and relationship. He wrote: “I am single again. Everything happened so suddenly. I remember in February, I flew to Malaysia to visit you on the film set and we went to exercise together. When I left, you said you wanted to see me off at the airport because you didn’t know when we would see each other again due to the outbreak.”

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He then goes into detail about traveling with Gillian Chung all over the world, their wedding in Hong Kong and how everyone from EEG helped out at the wedding. He also reminisced about their relationship and how Gilliam Chung would always gift him presents like watches and clothes. Even though he asked her to stop, she would still buy them for him. Michael Lai also said Gillian Chung would often fly to Taiwan to be with him and it was Gillian Chung who encouraged him to open his own cosmetology practice and that she helped out when his business was opened.

Gillian Chung and Michael Lai Debunk Separation Rumors

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After recounting all their good memories, he says in 2018, after having their wedding party in LA, Gilliam Chung started acting cold. When asked why, Gillian Chung told him she regretted it, that she didn’t really love him that much, and she didn’t feel she was suitable for marriage. After long discussions, they decided to continue to work hard. In March of this year, Michael Lai revealed Gillian Chung called him, “You called me and said, ‘Sorry, I thought after getting married, I would slowly fall in love with you.’, When you wanted to separate, I still thought you were kidding until I received your signed separation agreement.”

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Michael Lai ends his post saying they haven’t contacted each other in a long time, but he still believes Gillian Chung and him will still be friends after this. He said, “It’s just that she doesn’t love me anymore. Thank you for once giving me everything. If we did this all over again, I would still propose to you and get married with you.”

EEG Claims Michael Lai Jumped the Gun by Announcing Divorce with Gillian Chung Prematurely

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Gillian Chung’s company responded to the media on her behalf: “Already signed the separation agreement. Hope to give each other a cooling period. Both people interacting with each other is a big learning task. Neither party has much to complain about each other. This is still Michael and I’s private matters. I just want say we still respect each other very much.” Gillian Lai and Michael Lai’s both stated they would no longer be responding to marriage questions.

Credit:, Michael Lai IG