Hong Kong Singer, Terence Siufay, Comes Out as Gay

Hong Kong Singer, Terence Siufay, Comes Out as Gay

Macanese born singer, Terence Siufay (小肥), has been in the Hong Kong music industry for 13 years without much rumors. The 44 year old singer made headlines on August 13 when he came out as gay while being interviewed on former TVB executive, Stephen Chan’s (陳志雲), Youtube show, “Stephen. Talks” (Stephen. 傾). As it turns out, his sexual orientation was first questioned back in 2013 as he was seen following Weibo accounts filled with pictures of naked men. At the time, he denied he was gay saying, “I am not gay, but I don’t discriminate against homosexuality.”

Terence Siufay revealed back in May, he was filming overseas and an actress had called him expressing she wanted to go to his room and have sex. He turned it down at the time. Apple Daily received a sneak peek from Terence Siufay’s episode on coming out to Stephen Chan. He started asking Terence Siufay how he fended off questions asking if he liked men. Terence Siufay responded, “I am not prepared. I’ve actually been scared all along. I have some burden in my heart. I actually only confirmed some things when I was 28. For 28 years, I’ve been denying something of mine. I was used to it and it was also a fear. I was scared myself. If I admitted to something, what will happen?”

When Stephen Chan asked if this meant he was admitting to his own sexual orientation, Terence Siufay said, “Yes! I haven’t…how to say it. I am not prepared to face it yet. I haven’t walked the first step yet, but the first step is given to you already.” Terence Siufay is seen in tears while coming out to Stephen Chan. The full interview comes out on Stephen Chan’s channel tonight on August 13.

Terence Siufay shared a post about his coming out story saying he’s still very nervous, but proud at the same time.

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