Miss Asia Pageant 2020 Crowns its Hong Kong Region Winners

Miss Asia 2020 Pageant Crowns its Hong Kong Region Winners

ATV held its annual Hong Kong region Miss Asia Pageant 2020 (亞洲小姐競選) finals on November 1. Prior to the finale, there were a lot of negative news surrounding the pageant. Contestants were dropping out of the competition because there were worries looming they wouldn’t get the promised prizes over rumors ATV was having financial issues.

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This year’s winners for the Miss Asia Pageant 2020 Hong Kong region are:

Winner: #10 Kimi Cai (蔡小蝶)

1st Runner Up: #5 Vicky Ho (何雙妍)


2nd Runner Up and Miss Photogenic: #8 Wendy Gao (高文君)


The winner Kimi Cai will get $100,000 HKD in prize money. Kimi Cai had also previously applied to be a contestant for the Miss Hong Kong 2020 pageant, but dropped out before the semi-finals. She said she wasn’t worried about the rumors of ATV’s financial issues. She wants to become an actor, but says she needs to perfect her Cantonese first. Kimi Cai said she will treat the other contestants to hotpot.

Kimi Cai

The other two winners, Vicky Ho and Wendy Gao, also want to develop further in the entertainment industry and will take a portion of their prize money to treat the other contestants to a meal.

Vicky Ho
Wendy Gao

Credit: hk.on.cc, ATV FB

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