Chris Wu Kang-ren and Ivy Shao Admit to Dating Again

Chris Wu Kang-ren and Ivy Shao Admit to Dating Again

Taiwanese actor, Chris Wu Kang-ren (吳慷仁), and actress, Ivy Shao (邵雨薇), made headlines on November 10 when it was reported they were dating. Taiwanese tabloid, Mirror Media, had recently followed the couple on their 16 hour date. They were previously spotted by the media to be watching a musical together. After that, Wu Kang-ren communicated with his fans on his Facebook page, confirming they were dating, “Such a rarity to go on a date with little miss.”, but also reprimanded the paparazzi for not using safety precautions when they were following them.

At one point, it was raining and Wu Kang-ren was covering Ivy Shao with his jacket, a very romantic scene like it came from an idol drama. Wu Kang-ren and Ivy Shao met each other after filming the 2017 series, The Perfect Match (极品绝配). They actually dated in 2018, but broke up shortly after their relationship came to light. However, the two had always kept in contact. Many fans left warm messages and blessings to Wu Kang-ren and Ivy Shao after he admitted to their reunion.

Ivy Shao’s manager responded to Mirror Media’s inquiries about her relationship with Wu Kang-ren. She responded, “They are friends who can get along quite well.” Ivy Shao’s ex-boyfriend, Marcus Chang (張立昂), was also asked to respond to her dating news. He communicated through his manager, “I’ve been friends with Yu Wei all along. Hearing this news, I am very happy for her and also congratulate them.”

Marcus Chang and Ivy Shao

Credit: ETtoday (1, 2, 3), Mirror Media, SET FB

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