Roxanne Tong Speaks on Status of Friendship with Jacqueline Wong

Roxanne Tong Speaks on Status of Friendship with Jacqueline Wong

Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) was at a watch event and was asked about the recent rumors about her and Kenneth Ma getting (馬國明) married early next year. She denied the rumors and said they’ve only been dating for a few months and that they’re not at the marriage phase yet. Roxanne Tong said they would reveal their marriage plans if and when it happens. They’re currently in the getting to know each other phase.

As for the rumors her father bought her a home as a wedding present, Roxanne Tong clarified that the entire family chipped in, including herself. She wants to gift it to her family for raising her and live with them at the new home.

Oriental Daily News also asked about the recent news of her and Kenneth Ma’s ex-girlfriend, Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎), unfollowing each other on Instagram. Roxanne Tong said she is completely unaware and said, “Once I follow someone, I won’t touch it anymore. So I don’t know why [it happened]. I only found out after you guys told me.” There were earlier reports that Jacqueline Wong might have blocked Roxanne Tong as the account tags are also missing from the posts.

On whether they are still friends, Roxanne Tong said, “I wouldn’t say we aren’t friends. After she went to the US, we had less contact. We did talk in the middle, but everyone has been busy lately, so there is less contact.” About the rumors of Jacqueline Wong being terminated by TVB, she said, “I haven’t looked into it. I haven’t even looked into my contract either.”

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