Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung Hold Wedding Ceremony at Home

Benjamin Yuen and Bowie Cheung Hold Wedding Ceremony at Home

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) secretly tied the knot on November 24 after announcing they were already engaged for a year in September. They kept it extremely low key as they held their wedding ceremony at their home in Clearwater Bay and also signed their marriage certificate.

They also kept with tradition by having the tea ceremony and wore the Chinese wedding gowns. Celebrity friends like Nancy Wu, Joel Chan, Pal Sinn, and more were also in attendance. Due to the pandemic, Benjamin Yuen said they will have to delay the banquet until next year. During the afternoon, the police arrived because of the new social distancing rules, which they handled immediately. Bowie Cheung revealed they limited the number of guests to 100 and provided hand sanitizers and temperature checks, and required everyone to wear face masks.

Benjamin Yuen revealed he was the first one to cry when his father-in-law brought out Bowie Yuen during the traditional Chinese ceremonies. Bowie Cheung said she has never seen him cry like that.

When asked if Bowie Cheung was pregnant, she responded, “Seeing me dressed like this then you’ll know I don’t have a baby! We are not in a rush to have a baby.” Benjamin Yuen, who is 39 this year, responded, “She enjoys her work. Unless there is an accident, we don’t have plans to have children yet. We want to enjoy being newlyweds first. But my fatherly love is starting to overflow.”

Credit:, Bowie Cheung IG