BL Novel, “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, Gets Live Action Drama Adaptation

BL Novel, "Heaven Official's Blessing", Gets Live Action Drama Adaptation

Despite heavy censorship, China has been adapting many BL novels into dramas, thanks to the success of “The Untamed”. Since then, many popular BL novels like “The Husky and His White Cat Shizun”, “Sha Po Lang”, “Sa Ye”, and more have already started filming. One of the really popular BL novels by MXTX (Mo Xiang Tongxiu 墨香铜臭), “Tian Guan Ci Fu” (天官赐福) aka “Heaven Official’s Blessing“, has already been adapted as an animated series. On December 9, it was announced “Heaven Official’s Blessing” would be getting a live action drama adaptation.

Luhan Sings Theme Song for Second Season of “Heaven Official’s Blessing” Animated Series

After much rumors about the live action adaptation of “Heaven’s Official Blessing”, it was finally confirmed the series will start shooting in Q2 of 2021 for 6 months. The production team is currently casting for the roles and the series will be directed by “The Untamed” director, Chan Ka Lam (陳家霖). Fans were ecstatic to find out about the live action adaptation and already had actors in mind for the two leads.

Director Chan Ka Lam during “The Untamed”

The novel revolves around two characters, “Xie Lian” and “Hua Cheng”. “Xie Lian” is the prince of Xian Le Kingdom who ascends to the heavens several times, but eventually gets banished to the mortal world. One day, he encounters a young man, who turns out to be the Ghost King, “Hua Cheng”.

Poster of “Xie Lian” and “Hua Cheng” of the “Tian Guan Ci Fu animated series

Back in September, there were rumors actors were auditioning for the series. Some netizens had asked Yu Zheng if Xu Kai would be auditioning as they felt he would be very suitable for “Hua Cheng”. However, Yu Zheng shot it down on the count of Xu Kai’s busy schedule. Since then, many fans have come up with their fantasy casting. Quite a number of fans have said Luhan is very suitable for the role of “Xie Lian”.

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11 thoughts on “BL Novel, “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, Gets Live Action Drama Adaptation

  1. I agree with you it doesn’t make sense at all I think they should leave it and be more open it would be better for them anyways now because of today’s society being more open with lgbtqia+ people

  2. I agree that Luhan has the vibe of Xie Lian. But to act it well would be the problem. Personally I think XL’s character is even more complicated than even Wei Wuxian. XL lived for 800 years, there should be countless of layers inside him. But also untainted innocence.
    Still, I personally hope that Luhan will get the role and portrait the character well.

  3. Having Luhan in a drama like this seems like it’d be fun. I’d just be worried about the fujoshi shippers taking it too far like The Untamed… If they changes all of these BL novels to stories of romantic friendship, they’d be doing the viewers and the actors a huge favor.

    1. I don’t know what happened to the Untamed, however dramatic changes like that are nonsense. As for the Untamed they could pass as swornbrothers/close friends due to the fact that the romance doesn’t support the whole story. Instead in heaven official’s blessing all Hua Cheng action are driven by his love for Xielian and the story is based on this, them being just friends doesn’t make much sense and I think it would be a waste. Anyway I don’t really expect them to be lovers in the drama because of censorship…
      If they change all of these BL novels to story of romantic friendships, they would be doing the homophobic viewers a huge favor.
      Seriously, why do you even want to watch them if you don’t like the original idea? There are many other stories, if you don’t like it pick another one or write it yourself.

      1. I agree!!!!! There is no point in changing BL stories to romantic friendships. If the plot is romance driven, then it would change the entire story. Wouldn’t that be like doing a huge dishonor to the author who put in a lot of hard work and effort to create such a piece for us to enjoy?
        HOB isn’t an entirely romance driven story, but, as mentioned above Hua Cheng is more or less there because of Xie Lian…..waiting to meet him again for 800 years!

        There are also quite a few kissing scenes in the name of exchanging spiritual energy , I wonder how that is going be handled in the live action drama…especially the one on the altar after the reopening of Mount TongLu

      2. Well you can see that LWJ was driven by his love for WWX, I’m a big BL lover, and I would love to the drama to be more vocal, even tho, you could see in action that Lan Zhan was in love and would protect Wei Ying at all costs. If they do a good work, we can have the lovable fantasy. I’m not over The Untamed, and I really want less censorship, if some people out there put their strength against it instead of hating, we could have the BL we deserved.

    2. No. Honestly if you dont like BL just dont read and watch it. Dont try to ruin for BL shippers/watchers that like, support and want to watch it. Most of the time the relationship part plays a huge part and changing would comepletly change the plot. (if i misunderstood your comment and it was different, ill apologise since most likely ill never see your response)

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