Nichkhun Has to Spend a Lonely Christmas in Hong Kong

Nichkhun Has to Spend a Lonely Christmas in Hong Kong

2PM member, Nichkhun, is currently in Hong Kong shooting the Hollywood movie, “Hong Kong Love Story”. Nichkhun and his co-star, Byron Mann, portray Chinese-American second generation heirs in the movie. Their friendship gets tested when they travel to Hong Kong to find love, but encounter Polish model, Dominika Kachlik, and compete for her love. Nichkhun revealed this movie is a romantic comedy, but he also expressed interest in filming superhero action flicks. He was also very excited to work with actors from different countries, allowing him to meet new friends and exchange cultures.

Nichkhun spoke with Hong Kong media outlet, Oriental Daily News, recently and revealed he slept, reflected on his life, worked out, and studied his script during his 14 day quarantine. He said the experience wasn’t so bad and the most difficult thing was deciding what to eat each day. While Hong Kong is experiencing its 4th wave, Nichkhun said he isn’t too worried, but tries not to go out so much or go to heavily populated areas. When asked about his favorite Hong Kong food, his first choice was roast pig.

As this is his Hollywood debut, Nichkhun said he was nervous and expressed this opportunity is very important to him and he doesn’t want to ruin it. When he’s not filming, he spends most of his time in his hotel room as a pre-cautionary measure. He doesn’t have to shoot on Christmas, but will probably be spending it in his room and said, “It’ll be a very lonely Christmas.” Nichkhun also misses his family, revealing he used to go back to Thailand once or twice a month back then, but he hasn’t been back home since March of this year.

When mentioning about his 2PM members, he said, “Our relationship is very close. Of course we communciate every day. We have our own group chat. We would also share our current condition every day.” Nichkhun also revealed 2PM is currently preparing their new album for their comeback next year.

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